Fall Cleanup

October 14th  – November 20th weather permitting.

Typically performed two to four times during the fall season. Cleaning the leaves as they come down. The number of visits depends on when and how quickly the leaves fall off your trees. Similar to spring cleanup, we will move heavy piles of leaves quickly with our equipment, using back-pack blowers to detail out beds around your house, landscaped beds, patios, decks and hard to reach areas. We will cut back any perennials at this time, as well. All debris can be relocated to natural areas or put out at the road for the town to pick up. Fall cleanup also includes a final lawn mowing for the season. Any leaves that come down after the final cleanup and mowing, will be removed during your spring cleanup.





“Amazing! Cleared the entire lawn of leaves, cleaned leaves out of all the beds & mowed! All in about 30 minutes! This would have taken the whole family all wknd!”

– Melissa Teresi

We provide estimates within 24 - 48 hours.

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"I am very impressed with Cassara! Our former lawn company quit abruptly. Cassara promptly came out to give me an estimate, and they started mowing my lawn the next week. The lawn looks better than it has looked in years. They do a great job. Highly recommend!"
- Laura Miers