Lawn De-Thatching

When you look at your lawn, do you see unhealthy grass, patches of dead grass, bent or matted grass? Time to get your lawn de-thatched!

Lawn de-thatching with power rakes is one of the best things you can do in the spring to supercharge your lawn. It removes accumulated matted dead grass, snow mold, grass clippings and old organic matter suffocating the yard and allows the lawn to breathe. This helps the absorption of fertilizer and other nutrients into the soil, as well as denser growth that leads to a healthier, vibrant lawn.

It is recommended to de-thatch in early spring and late fall to allow the lawn a better chance of recovery and the best results.

When thatch build-up exceeds 1/2″, it can prevent the exchange of water and vital nutrients from the atmosphere to the soil, decreasing the turf’s ability to thrive and fight disease and dehydration.

“Cassara Lawn and Landscape did a fairly big job at our home today. They dethatched, aerated, and overseeded my entire lawn. They had a crew of about 5 people working here. They were professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and had all the right equipment for the job. They left here with my yard totally cleaned up. Joe Cassara is a pleasure to work with, his pricing is very competitive, and they came exactly when they said they would. He walked the yard with me when the job was finished and answered all my questions. I highly recommend them and will use them again as the need arises.”

– Steven Silbermann

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"I am very impressed with Cassara! Our former lawn company quit abruptly. Cassara promptly came out to give me an estimate, and they started mowing my lawn the next week. The lawn looks better than it has looked in years. They do a great job. Highly recommend!"
- Laura Miers