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Turf grasses are generally mowed to maintain a manicured look for your lawn. It entails mowing the grass at appropriate heights and frequencies to ensure actively growing and attractive turf. When mowed too short, turf can become open with a poor root system, allowing weed invasion. It is important to find a balance that produces attractive, healthy turf.

The lawn is mowed in different directions weekly in a striped pattern to encourage an upright and evenly manicured lawn. Mowing properly will promote thickening and better lawn color even during dry periods. A thick, tall-mowed lawn will retain more moisture and discourage weeds and disease during drought periods.

In the areas we cannot reach with a mower we will string-trim the lawn to the height of the adjacent turf. We will trim borders, trees, swing sets, walkways, curbs and driveways at each mowing. All concrete surfaces, patios, decks, parking areas, driveways and streets will be blown clean of grass clippings.

Our lawn equipment is properly maintained. We clean and inspect our equipment daily. We sharpen our blades and scrape our decks every morning to prevent the grass from tearing and looking ragged. As fall arrives, we lower our blades to shorten the length of the turf. This helps to prevent the grass from bending over, as the snow piles up, making it less likely for snow mold and fungus in the spring.

Weekly mowing generally begins in April and continues through the first week of November. If at any point you’d like to skip a weekly mowing, we require 48 hours notice. The price you pay is determined by the square footage of your turf and/or how long it takes to service your property.

“My lawn looks the best in the neighborhood. They know not to blast the lawn clippings in your mulch beds, and they vary the cutting pattern each week so your lawn looks awesome. I have had several landscape companies mow my lawn over the years. I find Cassara lawn staff to be a cut above (no pun intended), they show up with well-maintained equipment and staff that take pride in their work. They respond to specific details I ask of them and treat your yard with care that’s why It’s always a pleasure doing business with Cassara Lawn & Landscape.”

– John DiMarzo

We provide estimates within 24 - 48 hours.

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"I am very impressed with Cassara! Our former lawn company quit abruptly. Cassara promptly came out to give me an estimate, and they started mowing my lawn the next week. The lawn looks better than it has looked in years. They do a great job. Highly recommend!"
- Laura Miers