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Mulching on a yearly basis suppresses weeds so you don’t have to weed as often! It maintains moisture in the soil so you don’t have to water as often either! Mulch provides organic matter to your soil, which is very beneficial to your plants, shrubs and flowers. Mulching will give your property a neat and tidy appearance. It makes your landscape beds healthier and more resistant to pests and disease. It acts as an insulator, so your plant roots don’t get too hot in the summer and has the same effect in the winter, keeping plants and perennials protected from the bitter cold.

The mulch we offer is premium triple ground hardwood in Brown or Black Diamond. It is certified insect and disease free.

“Joe and crew did an amazing job of mulching / edging of landscaped beds as well removed some overgrown shrubbery on a very hot day! Clean-up was terrific! Have used this company for mowing and snowplowing for many years! Highly recommend!!!”

– Mac Warner

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"I am very impressed with Cassara! Our former lawn company quit abruptly. Cassara promptly came out to give me an estimate, and they started mowing my lawn the next week. The lawn looks better than it has looked in years. They do a great job. Highly recommend!"
- Laura Miers